Last modified 31/10/08 11:38:52

WCKER for web developers/technical support

The WCKER tool allows less technical members of your team to create content packages and HTML files without needing to understand IMS standards. The end user enters details such as page titles into a predefined course hierarchy, and WCKER produces consistently organised and formatted files, helping eLearning development teams ensure consistency and standards compliance in course materials.

WCKER includes several wizards which can be used immediately, or modified to meet your requirements for:

  • course hierarchy,
  • metadata,
  • web page design (HTML, CSS, images, etc.) - via HTML templates.

The wizard collects the information and produces:

  • an IMS Content Package manifest,
  • a skeleton of directories and HTML pages, ready for the course author to write in,
  • a report document summarising the course structure.

When the author has edited the pages, the files can be zipped up as an IMS Content Package ready for upload to a VLE.

Download WCKER source and binaries from the WckerDownload page.

A description of the wizard's .wsi file can be found in the WCKER wizard guide.