Last modified 26/04/06 16:16:16

WCKER for managers/programme directors

By providing a simple to use interface the WCKER tool give you all the benefits of consistent standards compliant eLearning content without having to engage with the minutiae of the standards.

  • Allows you to decide course models that you want your authors to work to, either from existing menu or unique to your institution.
  • Ensures consistent look, feel and learning structure across all your programmes as required.
  • Enables less technical team members to perform more skilled tasks, so that the technically skilled staff can be used more strategically.
  • Allow eLearning development teams ensure standards, consistency and basic quality in course creation, regardless of authors.
  • Models of eLearning structure and design “best practice” encapsulated in the wizards that can be used by less experienced teams.
  • Reduces the amount of idiosyncratic content which can only be used in one system.
  • Can streamline and control the authoring process. Important for groups of courses that need to present the same overall format.

If you would like to try WCKER, download it from the WckerDownload page, and choose the "Example wizard" to explore the main features of the tool.