Last modified 26/04/06 16:15:38

WCKER for learning technologists

The WCKER tool is an extension to the popular RELOAD Content Package and Metadata Editor. By allowing a choice from existing wizards or even the option to create your own, it allows you and your authors to specify and edit standards compliant content to an appropriate model without having to engage in the full complexities of the IMS standards.

Learning technologists have different roles in different institutions and this will effect what WCKER can offer you. However many of the features below may be of use.

  • Allows you to decide course models that you want your academics to work to by choosing which wizards to work with or creating your own.
  • Allows easy creation of standards compliant learning materials for non-technical authors.
  • Lets you give targeted guidance to authors where they need it in the course specification and authoring process.
  • Can ensure basic quality standards and consistency in course creation, regardless of authors .
  • Collects basic IMS metadata.
  • Automatically creates course structure and html files for web developers or authors to work in or for you.
  • HTML files can be generated with institutional look and feel.
  • Creates a human readable course specification.
  • Can change/edit content packages in WCKER or use RELOAD.
  • Can encapsulate models of eLearning structure and design “best practice” in the wizards that can be used by less experienced teams.

If you would like to try WCKER, download it from the WckerDownload page, and choose the "Example wizard" to explore the main features of the tool.