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WCKER - Wizard Construction Kit Extension for Reload

The WCKER project has created an easy to use tool which takes you through a step by step process to specify and author standards compliant e-learning materials. By working through the WCKER process you can generate a course specification document, a set of html files of content, and an IMS Content Package and manifest that allows you drop your output into any compatible VLE.

As a user-friendly layer built onto the JISC funded RELOAD project, WCKER allows for the creation of bespoke wizards which define the design of a suite or programme of courses. Once the user has followed the straightforward editing process, the tool creates a set of files ready for authoring or even partially authored. The WCKER also maps information submitted into the metadata of the IMS XML content packaging manifest file thereby marking-up the course structure with relevant information for digital repositories.

To find out how WCKER can help you, click on the links below:

For a demonstration of WCKER in use, view our WCKER screen demo (1.6MB, requires  Macromedia Flash).

The WCKER (Wizard Construction Kit Extension for Reload) is a  TALL project, funded by  JISC, to extend the  Reload editor.

Current status

  • Source and binary downloads of the beta-status WCKER (r357) are available at WckerDownload.
  • Final development completed
  • Final report being authored.

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